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Remote Starters and Security by CompuStar

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CompuStar has been on the leading edge in vehicle security and convenience for over 15 years. They are the industry standard for quality, reliability, and innovation. First, decide what type of system you want (Remote start, security system, or both). Then, chose your remote kit. Click on the links below for more details on each RF kit.

*NOTE : CompuStar systems ARE safely compatible with manual transmissions.


With the DRONE MOBILE system, you can control your CompuStar system from your smartphone. Unlimited range for the remote starter, unlock your doors from your phone in the event you lock yourself out, and more. Watch the video!


Compustar RF-1bam

The RF-1BAM is a very compact remote, which is easy to use. Those who like things simle and/or small, will love this system. Tap the button to lock the doors, double tap to unlock, press and hold for remote start. Comes with 2 remotes, and has up to 800 feet of range.


compustar RF1wg6am

The RF1WG6AM features a water resistant, 4 button, pair of remotes. Lock, unlock, trunk pop, and remote start your vehicle from up to 1000 feet away. These remotes were designed for durability, this is the perfect remote if you are a first time remote start user.


compustar rf1wg5ss

Need range? The RF1WG5SS is a great option for you. This system features Compustar's spread spectrum technology, for a range of up to 1 mile! Simple and easy to use, great range.


compustar rf2wg9sp

THe 2WG9SP is our best selling model. It features a 2way, LED remote. That means, you can be inside your home or office, remote start your vehicle, and the remote will show you if the vehicle started or not. No more guessing. The LED lights on the remote will light, and the transmitter will beep to indicate the vehicles status. This system features good range also, up to 3000 feet.


compustar RF-2W703-SH

The 704 is another 2 way system, that will confirm your commands to your vehicle. This remote features an LCD screen instead of LED lights. Easily see if your vehicle locked or unlocked, see if your vehicle remote started, and see the amount of time remaining on the remote start run time. This remote can operate from up to 1500 feet away.


compustar slice

The SLICE is like nothing else on the market. Extremely thin, sleek and attractive. Upon sending a command to your vehicle, the remote will indicate the status via ghost LED icons on the sides of the remote. Very cool. Control your vehicle from up to 4000 feet away.



The 9000SS is CompuStar's longest range system, and the longest on the market. From up to 1 mile away, control your vehicle, and receive feedback on whats going on. For those choosing the security features for this remote, you will benefit from the long range.

Demonstration Videos