LED Headlight Conversions

L.E.D. Headlight Conversions

LED headlights are becoming a growing trend in the auto industry, and for good reason. Many of todays new vehicles are coming standard equipped with them. Why are LED's so good? Lets go over some of the benefits to doing a halogen to LED conversion.


-Dramatically increased light output, improving night vision. Here is a sample of what a traditional halogen bulb looks like (left) compared to LED (right)


- Dramatically longer bulb life. Halogen bulbs last 4,500-10,000 hours. LED headlights on average last 50,000 hours... Thats at least 5 times the lifespan of a traditional halogen headlight! If you do the math, going with LED headlights is actually LESS EXPENSIVE over time.

- Dramatically more stylish. LED headlights will make your car look newer, and like more of a "high-end" vehicle. Just take a look below.


- LED's even take less electrical current, and produce less heat than halogen headlights.


How do I get mine?!


LED kits are available for online purchase, and in-store. In store purchases receive complimentary installation (most vehicles). Our kits do not have any bulky ballasts, and are a plug & play install. Most vehicles can be done in less than 5 minutes, and are as simple as replacing a traditional headlight bulb.

To setup an appointment for an in-store purchase & install, click the image below. At the checkout include a phone number and a date & time you would like to come in for the installation. (Or you're more than welcome to call, or stop in to the store)


To make an online purchase, click the link below. Be sure to indicate what year/make/model vehicle you have, and we will ship you the correct headlights. Free shipping.

HEISE LED Headlight Kits