Memphis Car Audio

Memphis Audio is our #1 selling line for car audio. There are many reasons for this. Reliable products, great warranties & support, a broad range in pricepoints, and the coolest gear around are just a few. Memphis can cover you, whether it be replacing a blown factory speaker...a full competition grade work of art, or anything in between. At the very bottom of this page, you will find the entire Memphis Audio catalog, but below we will highlight some of our most popular products Memphis has to offer.



Whatever vehicle you drive, Memphis has a speaker upgrade for you. 5 lines, ranging from budget, to world class sound quality... and everything in between. It all starts with the Street Reference series, which are a fantastic value, and a very good option for those who have blown or damaged OEM speaker. Pictured above, is the Power Reference series, the heart of Memphis. The PR (Power Reference) is by far our most popular speaker sold. Very reasonable prices, and they never disappoint. They sound good running off of radio power, and awesome if you give them more power with an amplifier. Every size of speaker imaginable is available for their coaxials. 1", 2.5", 3.5", 4", 4x10", 5.25", 5x7", and 6x9". For component sets, 5.25", 6.5", 5x7", 6x9" and single 1" tweeters are available. The next step up....M-Class. With the M-Class speakers, your music will sound more lifelike, detailed and smooth. Most of the sizes found in the PR series, can be also found for M-Class. We have these on display and are definitely worth a listen! If you want your neighbors to hear your stereo, MOJO series speakers are for you. They need lots of power, and may require some custom fabrication to fit them in your car, but these are pro-audio speakers designed for the car environment. Finally....VIV (Six-Five) The Six-Five series speakers are the absolute finest speakers Memphis has ever built, in its 50+ years in the audio business. These will change the way you hear your music!




The amplifier is the heart and soul of an audio system. You can have the best speakers in the world, but without quality amplification, you dont have much. Memphis' Street Reference series amplifiers are their entry level amplifier, and are priced so, but perform much better than most as an entry level piece. Mono models of 250 watts, 500 watts, 750 watts, and 1200 watts (all RMS ratings) a 300 watt 4 channel, and a 150 watt 2 channel round out the SRX line. The next step up is the Power Reference series (pictured above). Higher end components and technology, provide the PR amplifiers a very natural, powerful sound. A 300 watt 4 channel, a very popular 700 watt 5 channel, 300, 500, 1000, and 1500 watt mono models (all RMS power ratings) round out the PR line. Finally, the Six-Five series. Much like the Six-Five speakers, the amplifiers are the highest quality product that Memphis has ever created. Digital Signal Processing, detailed crossover settings, 7 color selectable LED logos, and a beautiful anodized finish... these almost look as good as they sound! There is quite the arsenal of options, a 2 channel, 4 channel, 5 channel and monoblocks ranging from 700 watts to 2200 watts RMS! These are a fantastic value also, compared to other brands top of the line amplifiers, you WILL get more for your dollar with Memphis.




While the amplifier is the soul of any audio system... the subwoofer often gets the most credit! Adding a subwoofer is the single most impactful upgrade you can do to an audio system. Memphis has TONS of options for subwoofers. Lets quickly go over the options. For those who are looking for some more bass, and dont want to give up a ton of room, the SA & CSA woofers are for you. Being less than 4" deep, they can easily fit in spaces (and slim enclosures) that other subwoofers cant. For those who are looking for some more bass, on a budget, the Street Reference series offer fantastic value. They might not shake your car apart, but definately pack a punch without "knocking out" your wallet. Next up, our best selling subwoofer, Power Reference. These bad boys are as good of a subwoofer you will find in its price range. Sounds good in both sealed and vented enclosures, and wont dissapoint. If you are looking to do some serious damage, check out Memphis' Bass Reference, M6, and MOJO lines. The BR 12" is very efficent, handling 400 watts RMS, but has lots of output. The M6 12" handles 600 watts RMS, and is a very versitile woofer, while the MOJO 12" handles a massive 1500 watts RMS with a 120 oz magnet! Memphis truly has something for everyone.