Encore offers a very solid product line, while giving the consumer a lot of "bang for their buck" Remote car starters, security systems, and combo units... both 1 way & 2 way configurations. Encore also has other products to offer, such as blind spot detection systems, backup sensors, dashcams, and more.



The e9 is Encore's flagship product. Its a 2-way, LCD remote car starter, with up to 4000 ft. of range. Lock, unlock, trunk pop & remote start commands sent to your vehicle, will be confirmed on the LCD screen, along with an audible beep. If you choose to add security features to the e9 (only $75 in labor charges) any alarm violation will also send a signal to your remote (door, hood, or trunk opening, shock sensor). You will know exactly what is going on with your vehicle, talk about piece of mind. The e9 comes with 1 LCD 2-way remote, and a 4-button, 1-way companion remote.



You will find many of the features of the e9, in the Encore e7. It also features a 2-way LCD remote, that will indicate your vehicle's status. Some of the sacrifices in going from the e9 to e7 would be decreased range (up to 2500ft) and losing the ability to read the vehicles internal temperature & battery voltage. Coming in at a lower price point, the e7 is worth a look for sure. The e7 is also upgradeable to have security features, for an extra $75. It comes with 1 LCD style 2-way remote, and a 4-button, 1-way companion remote.





The e2.1 is a 4-button remote car starter, with keyless entry (lock/unlock) and trunk release. It comes with 1 remote, that has up to 2000ft of range. Very easy to use, and very reliable.